Perry Estate Agents

“You & Media have done a fantastic job with helping to modernise our business model over the last few years, covering all areas from digital marketing and social media management, to branding, photography and assisting the design and build of our hugely successful website. We cannot recommend them enough!” 

– Robert Spiteri Paris (Director)

Three Little Pigs

“From the very start I knew Julia was just the right person to help us integrate social media into our overall sales and marketing strategy. I liked her casual yet very focussed and smart approach to building a cost effective and creative social media plan which we immediately implemented. Julia’s knack for creative writing and fresh-thinking makes a measureable difference to our social marketing strategy. I couldn’t recommend her work enough”. 

– Lisa Frendo (Director)


“It has been fantastic to have Dan working as part of our business. We know he understands our industry, but his experience of the sometimes bewildering world of social media allows us to get on with the day to day stuff in the knowledge that Dan is control of our brand online. He is always one step ahead, alerting us to anything that does need our attention but handling everything else that doesn’t. It is also great for us to be able to contact Dan whenever we need something actioned, which in our trade can mean some strange times of the day, but he is always there to help. It is so important these days for your brand to be properly represented in social media and with Dan we know that this is the case.”

– Tim (Director)

Fitness Point

“Just a few months ago I was lucky to start using the services of You & Media which specialises in social media marketing. Although, only a few months have passed, I can already say that we have done the right choice. Our Facebook page has a new face. The number of people engaged with us through social media has dramatically increased. But most importantly this have resulted in more members subscribing to our gym. You & Media have given us not only their excellent service and expertise but also they engaged themselves in improving FitnessPoint with a great passion and understanding.”

– Zeljko Aras (Owner and manager)