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Dan Perry

Dan Perry

Born in London but grew up in Bath in the South West of England. Creative, progressive thinker & digital nomad. Moved to Shoreditch in 1997 to set up and manage iconic East London haunt “Strongroom Bar”. By 2003 he discovered cocktails (and realising a gap in the market in his local town) he moved back to Bath to start an award-winning cocktail bar called Sub13 (with co-founder and best friend Alex Miller) where it still operates successfully today.

In 2009 he married Jules, had 2 children and in 2013 they decided to move to Malta in search of a warmer climate and outdoor lifestyle. From here he helped modernise the family business Perry Estate Agents for 3 years in a Business Development role (branding/website/marketing) whilst also opening a new office in Valletta for them doing property sales. Then, inspired by Jules and her social media talents they decided to launch You & Media in late 2015. They love the freedom of working online and the creativity of social media as a marketing platform which compliments their combined love for photography and writing. Now based back in Bath.

Ideal moment:

“Double espresso with a copy of Monocle to browse whilst playing Cinematic Orchestra in the background. Note: will happily swap the coffee for a nice bottle of Chateau Musar”.  

Julia Perry

Julia Perry

Born and bred in sunny Malta yet studied at Universities in the UK where Julia obtained a BA in English, Film and TV Studies and later a Masters in European Film. Previous creative projects involved script-writing, film-making and other visual arts such as photography and theatre. Thinking and learning to write critically is a skill that she acquired and cultivated during her childhood – mostly through books and film (as well as a fair bit of day-dreaming!)

Since becoming a mother her passion for writing let her to enter the wonderful world of online blogging on local parenting sites. From here on up she took up her first work experience as internet blogger and “Wife” Columnist for successful online Women’s magazine ‘Diamonds and Daisy Chains’. This experience nurtured and inspired her to write for an audience and engage with readers on a more personal level, leading to further opportunities in the professional blogging sphere and more recently, to undertake various other projects aiming to grow company brands through the use of powerful social media and marketing tools.

Ideal moment:

“Feet up and flicking through the latest issue of Homes & Antiques or Country Living magazine with a flat white and a packet of chocolate covered raisins!”



“We’re always on the lookout for fresh, new and talented individuals who are passionate about social media and digital marketing.” 

So whether you have experience or are keen to learn and be a part of an exciting new industry get in touch.”